Thursday, February 19, 2009


Okay, that Poladroid program I was talking about in my last post is just WAY too fun. I keep going through my old shots and running them through the program, just to see what I get!

And the really fun thing is, I often find myself liking the Poladroid result even better than the original! I've tried it out on some very old (for me) pictures from back when I was first learning my way around my first dSLR, and the results are very, very fun.

I've even uploaded a few of the results of my playing around into my Etsy shop, and will add more later...I don't want to completely flood my shop with all one thing, all at once, of course. So if you're a Polaroid fan like I am, keep checking in for more faux Polaroid fun!


  1. cool program ~ scary clown! (but hey that might just be me!)

  2. I love Polaroids. The iPhone has an attachment for Polaroids that I use to snap pics all the time. I like your blog. Care to swap links?

  3. ah I'm totally addicted to the Polaroid program, too! makes everything better..