Monday, March 23, 2009

A Moo Point

How exciting! I received my new Moo cards in the mail! (Well, actually, I got them on Friday, but I spaced on blogging about it until now, ha!) I made them for my still-new Etsy photo shop, and I'm pretty excited. They look great, as Moo cards always do! I've never made them from Etsy images before, only Flickr, and was pretty happy to see that I can actually tell Moo and Etsy to chat with each other and get Moo to grab the images for the cards right out of my shop, no extra uploading necessary. So convenient! I decided not to make cards of ALL the photos in my shop; that would just be overkill! So I picked my favs and put my shop information and a pithy little slogan on the backs. (In case you can't read it in the pic above, the slogan on the back reads: "Bright, shiny, colorful things from my nest to yours!") Tres cute!

For those who might not be familiar with Moo...though I doubt many of you fall into this category,'s a wonderful printing company that creates really high-quality products with your uploaded images! They started by creating a new kind of business card...they call 'em MiniCards, and that's what I made. As you can see in the pics, the MiniCards are about half the size of a regular business card, making them more whimsical and fun, while still looking totally slick and put-together. As the company got more popular, they expanded out into other products. They now create regular sized business cards, greeting cards, postcards, and even books of stickers! And if you don't have images of your own to upload, they also have a shop full of ready-made packs of their products, with some great designs on 'em.

In my experiences handing out Moo MiniCards with my images on them at galleries and the like, they're really popular! People love to sort through them like a bag of treats and pick out their favorite designs. When's the last time you saw people get that excited about a boring ol' business card, eh? I'm going to keep some of my new cards with me all the time to hand out to people, but I also plan to pop one in every time someone orders a print from me from Etsy, in hopes that they'll pass it along and keep my name and images circulating.


  1. oh aren't those cool! I like the one with the Iris bud. nice blog

  2. I <3 moo cards. It might be time for me to order some more - i only got 10 once when etsy and moo were having a free sample special.