Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slowly editing...

Well, I've slowly been editing my way through photos from my trip. Somehow, despite being in one of the most lovely landscapes around, the Blue Ridge Mountains, I ended up taking many more photos of the small details...the flowers!...than the large ones...the mountains! As usual, the bright colors and little surprises hidden in the blossoms captivated me. I'll probably be adding at least one or two of my trip photos to my Etsy shop, of course.

Just a taste...

Bee Happy

Pink Dogwood

Regarding the dogwood photo...a funny conversation took place about that tree, which was in bloom across the street from my grandmother's house.

My Cousin: "What kind of tree is that?"
Me: "A dogwood."
My Cousin: "Uh, why's it pink, then?"
Me: "'Cause it's a pink dogwood."
My Cousin: *pause* *blink* "Oh, why didn't I think of that?" *blinkblink*

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