Thursday, April 2, 2009

Words, words, words

I'm a bit of a word nerd, really. I love not only words themselves and all the myriad ways they can be made to dance on the page, I also love the way that they LOOK on the page...or on the wall, or on the painting, or carved in wood and set upon a shelf, or printed on a teeshirt, or tattooed upon skin, or reflected on a wall.

So, as you can imagine, I also love coming across wonderful fonts. The perfect font can completely sell the essence of what is written in it. As Ani DiFranco has said, "'Cause we know the difference/ between the font of twenty percent more/ and the font of teriyaki." And that's true, isn't it? There are fonts that scream "1950s" or "Chinese restaurant" or "comic strip" or "child's toy." And we get visual clues about what we're reading based on how we're seeing it.

So, of course, I love scrolling through font websites, looking for wonderful fonts to use in images and icons and logos. In someone's blog a while back, I found a link to, which often has some great, great stuff on it...all for free!

Today, I found the most wonderful wing-ding font's all cameras!!! How perfect would that be for a photographer (like myself, perhaps?) to use in creating logos and the like? It's called Kamera-Dings, ha!

Of course, being a wing-ding font, it's not really useful for actually writing anything comprehensible, ha. But it ought to be a nice addition to my little font stable.

Anybody else have some favorite fonts?


  1. I love "Sara Caps" from or any Art Nouveau font... :)

  2. I LOVE fonts and words and stuff just like you! The perfect font can totally make the effect of something, like the right punctuation at the end of a sentence.