Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday Resolutions, Week Four

(Okay, so technically, these are Tuesday Resolutions. I took some time off from the blogosphere this weekend...didn't visit blogs, didn't update my own. And since it was a 3-day weekend, I took a 3-day blog break.)

Well, of the three resolutions I made last week, I COMPLETELY FAILED at two of them, and somewhat failed at the third. *sigh* My first resolution, to not spend money on unnecessary things, was the one I only sort of failed at. MOSTLY I bought food and gasoline and such, but also I bought a frame for the print my husband bought for my birthday and a frame for a print of one of my photos that I'm donating to a charity auction. So not technically necessary, but not really frivolous either. Mostly a win, I'd say.

But yes, I totally failed at taking pictures of new and different things. I think I pretty much only shot flowers and self-portraits of my husband and myself together.

And I epically failed at actually cooking dinners for us. On Wednesday, I wasn't feeling well. On Thursday, we were out running errands around dinner time and didn't want to wait till we got home. And on Friday...well, I'd been at work all day and was just plain tired. So cooking totally didn't happen. I DID make breakfast for us on Sunday, which was good, and I baked cookies from scratch yesterday.

So, on to this week's resolutions...

  1. Since I so totally failed at it last week, I shall DEFINITELY cook dinner at least one evening this week, preferably more than one evening. DEFINITELY.
  2. I shall go through all the junk in the spare room and get rid of what is no longer necessary and pack up what is still necessary, but which can be kept in storage rather than plain sight.
  3. I shall make an effort to stay in better contact with friends and family and to make sure they know I care. Some bad news we had recently has reminded me that everything can change in an instant and that it is important to tell your friends how much you care for them.

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