Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Resolutions Week Three

Well, I didn't do quite as well with last week's resolutions, ha! I did go through my shoes and clothing and weeded, but I have so far neglected to do so with my books. I think I only drank one cup of herbal tea all week, instead of one every day, and I definitely ate a few chocolate-covered cherries from the snack cache at work. But I rationalized those as being something special with one-time only availability, as opposed to the chocolate kisses that are ALWAYS there. So, uh, not entirely a success, but small steps, right?

This week's resolutions:

  1. I shall not spend any money on unnecessary things. Food, gasoline, medicines, etc, are all okay. Clothing, shoes, random knick-knacks...NOT.
  2. I shall attempt to take more and different photos than usual. Flowers and bugs and my husband are all great, but I need to stretch myself a little.
  3. I shall actually COOK DINNER on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at the very least, instead of surrendering to laziness and simply going out somewhere to eat. It's healthier, cheaper, and will probably even taste better to cook at home, from scratch, with nice fresh ingredients.

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