Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Resolutions, Week Two

Okay, here I go with week 2 of my Monday Resolutions idea. I thought I'd start with a little recap of my progress on last week's resolutions!

I did pretty well, actually. I didn't drink any Coke until Sunday afternoon. I hadn't had any caffeine yet and was starting to get a headache, so I downed an 8oz glass bottle and felt much better. :-) I was able to inject fruit and veggies into almost all of my meals, all week, which was pretty cool. I had one pretty bad day, on which I was just tired and in a bad mood, so okay, I did complain about some trivial things. But not much! Just the one day! So far, so good, right?

And now, to this week's resolutions!

  1. I shall go through all of my shoes and clothing and books and weed out those that I no longer need to keep around. The clothing will be donated, the shoes will be given to my mother (same size feet!) and the books shall be taken to Half Price Books in an attempt to make a bit of cash on 'em.
  2. I shall start drinking either herbal or green tea at work in the afternoon/evening, because the antioxidants are good for me and I enjoy the calm that tea invokes, as well.
  3. I shall completely ignore the heaping piles of "snack-size" chocolates inflicted upon our office by various well-meaning coworkers, but instead shall nom upon the dried fruit I keep hidden in my drawer.


  1. I have a chocolate weakness..I hate that there are small candy bars everywhere..okay maybe it just seems that way to

  2. I have just donated and consigned a bunch of stuff from one closet... and now I am trying to do the same to the next. Ahhh.. spring cleaning!