Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Retail Therapy

I've been feeling pretty down lately...tired all the time, irritable, and just plain off, you know? And I'm certain that it's all (or mostly) weather-related. Here it is June 23, and we're only just now starting to get consistently summery weather. The last month has been one of the wettest, dreariest, and chilliest Junes on record, and May wasn't any better. So we're going on 2 months now of crappy weather! There were days in March nicer than some of the days in June! And I've discovered that, in my old age (ha!), I've become much more sensitive to that kind of thing...sunny days make me distinctly happy and dreary ones make me distinctly depressed. And a long spate of dreary just makes me...well, not all that much fun to be around, I'm sure!

So, of course, what do I feel like doing when I'm depressed for long stretches of time? Well, if you read the title of this post, you might have some idea...but if not, I'll tell you: I feel like SHOPPING. There were several dresses I'd been eyein' on ModCloth recently. (I know I'm late to the party on this one, but I've discovered I pretty much adore almost every dress ModCloth sells!) I narrowed it down to two, then asked the husband for input. He thought they'd both be cute, but that "the blue one" was more me. "The blue one" was the La Boqueria dress, which I adored for its Mexican vibe, its bright colors, and the sheer comfort factor of the smocked waist and wide straps. Pretty, mais non?

So I bought it. And it arrived just in time to coincide with one of the first really warm, sunny days of the summer. So of course, I had to wear it out to brunch on Saturday! And you know what? Maybe it was the adorable, breezy dress, maybe it was the sunlight and the warmth on my skin, and maybe it was a little bit of both, but by golly if I wasn't happy and shiny and feeling very good about myself.

Retail therapy actually works! Who knew? ;-)

And now, of course....I want to pop back over to ModCloth and buy the OTHER dress for another shot of that happy-shiny-sexy retail-inspired happiness. Hhmm...this could get expensive! ;-)


  1. I love buying amazing dresses for less then what they were :] Makes me happy too ^^

  2. kismet on purchases!

    it was my birthday last week, and I finally went out and bought myself some new jewelry. It was fun to stand there in the store forever just picking stuff out since I knew I could splurge
    : )

  3. ugh, June did that to me as well. I was so ready for summer and May was so nice and then from the beginning of June until last week it was just so horrible! I think I used retail therapy to cheer me up as well :)

  4. The weather here in New England has been horrible. Rain everyday for about a month. Just touches of sun here and there, how depressing. I get so depressed with this weather :(

  5. oooh, that is a very cute dress. I do agree that retail therapy once in awhile does lift the spirits! ;)