Thursday, June 11, 2009

Timeless Style: The Little Black Dress

I found a great image over on the blog Sally Jane Vintage the other day. It's a vintage shot of a lady in a classic little black dress, surrounded by all the different sorts of accessories she could use to change the look of the dress. In fact, why don't we look at that image now, hhmm?

It's wonderful inspiration for anyone interested in fashion and shows that the more things change the more they stay the same. I mean, okay, we don't really use gloves as accessories quite that way anymore, but that dress wouldn't look out of place on the streets today. In fact, I found an almost identical version on Modcloth! And certainly the idea of using a classic piece like the LBD and simply adding accessories to change it up is one that most truly fashionable people still subscribe to. Just for fun, I took the dress I found on Modcloth and used Polyvore to make my own modern version of this vintage image.


Clearly, one thing I did differently was to use shoes as an accessory more, and I didn't exactly use dickies and gloves, either. But the basic principle is the same. Long live the LBD!!