Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bad blogger, no cookie!

I've been a very baaaad blogger. I haven't been keeping up on the blogs I follow, and I haven't really been posting, either. Sorry, blogosphere! I'm sure you didn't miss me, or anything, but I am sorry I've neglected you!

So what's new...hmmm...well, I spent too much money last month. Among many other things, I broke down and bought that sexy orange clutch from Morelle while it was still on sale, and let me tell you--that is one purchase I do not regret at ALL. It's wonderfully well-made, a lovely rich color, and exactly the right size. Perfect. Purse. Of course, now I want to collect one of each of her styles...but I won't! ;-)

My husband and I have decided finally that we need to get serious about losing weight and toning up. Neither of us is fat by any means, but we're rather smushy in the belly area and just tend to feel unhealthy! So we're heading over to a local gym tonight after I get out of work to sign up. We're going to start swimming laps. It's a good, total-body, low-impact workout, and fun, too! (Plus, there's a hot tub we can get into after the laps, lol!) I've already decided that the first thing I'll do to treat myself once I've slimmed back down is buy a pair of skinny black jeans and a pair of leopard-print pumps and prance around in them. That's not frivolous at all, right?!?

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