Monday, November 30, 2009

Neil Gaiman: Novelist, screenwriter, director, producer...photographer?

Okay, anyone who is around me for any length of time will quickly learn that I have a wee crush on Neil Gaiman. He writes books that speak to my sense that myth hides just behind the most quotidian of things and my belief in the power of story, and he always has very good (believable, and strong both) female characters...important, that. I read more than just his books and graphic novels...I enjoy his style and wit enough that I also read his blog and his Twitter feed. And now, apparently, I look at his photos. Lomography gave Neil an LC-A+ camera and some film to play with, then interviewed him about the experience and uploaded a gallery of his shots. And many of them are actually very good, especially for someone who admits that he's new to this whole thing! Of course it helps that he's often around photogenically interesting people and travels a lot, so therefore has some good subjects...and it also helps that the qualities of the Lomo camera and film themselves add something special to any mundane subject. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a man as creative in so many media as Neil is creative in one more!

Check out the photos and interview here. I doubt you'll be disappointed!

A teaser...Neil's lomo shot of his rock star girlfriend, Amanda Palmer

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