Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Polaroid Love

Polaroid love is a deep and abiding love, I've found. Most Pola shooters are at least slightly on the obsessive side when it comes to the cameras and the film. Many name their cameras. Many have more than one Pola camera. Personally, I have two that I shoot with: a One Step 600 and a Pronto B. The Pronto B shoots SX-70 film and I use the Artistic TZ from Polapremium in it, with unpredictable and therefore very fun results.

But what I have yet to find is the holy grail of Pola shooting...a working SX-70. (I have a broken one that sits around looking pretty, but I want to SHOOT with one, too!) There are several different models of SX-70, but what I really lust for is one of the folding models with the leather inserts on the case. There are brown leather and black leather models and I don't really care long as it works! I'm adding that to my must-find list, but in the meantime and in honor of 'Roid Week on Flickr, here's a lovely mosaic of my favorite shots of Sx-70s and their partners in crime!

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