Sunday, October 17, 2010

Style Sunday: Newsie Caps

I recently cut all my hair off. I went from "flowing raven locks" (my husband's description) to a cute little pixie cut barely an inch long. I love it, though, don't get me wrong! I'm having a lot of fun accessorizing and dressing for my new hair, ha! But I recently discovered, while pulling out my winter gear to get ready for the cold, that my beloved cloche hats now look...well...ridiculous on me. They cover my whole head and you can't see any of my hair, so it just looks WRONG. So, it's time for a replacement! In my initial perusal of the hat racks at Target last night, it seems that the style most suited to my current crop is the newsboy cap. This boyish style sits just far enough back on my head to reveal the spiky bangs at the front, while not covering the entire sides. I didn't purchase anything last night...I'm picky about hats, and it has to be JUST the right one...but I found a few interesting options browsing Etsy today!

These two are a little more traditional and slightly more masculine in style, which isn't a bad thing! A little gender-ambiguity can be a very sexy thing in style, after all!

M Newsie by jonboy

Mickey Cap by EarthWhirled

These two hats, though, are slightly more feminized in shape, color, and detailing, which offers its own appeal!

Shadow hat by BKMHattitude

Etta Hat in Pink Linen by piperandpaisley

So many choices out there! I'll have a lot of fun browsing the hat sections of stores for a while to come, I'm sure, until I'm able to find the perfect hat for my new hair!


  1. Your haircut is awesome, by the way! I would never be able to pull off that little hair. I enjoy hiding behind my hair way too much for that. These hats are adorable, too. Ah, wish I could wear hats now. Sadly, I look absurd in hats. Hope you find the right one soon - with so little hair your head must be getting chilly these days!

  2. I like short hair better, it conveys confidence and independence - not hiding behind a veil of hair ('cause whenever my hair is long, I start doing that)...
    The caps are adorable! And they'd probably look great with your new hair style :)