Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fashion Obsessions

I don't know about the rest of you, but I tend to go through stages with minor fashion obsessions. I'll spend days or weeks looking for the perfect iteration of a particular item of clothing until either A) I find it or B) I give up and move on to the next thing.

My last fashion obsession was the perfect ankle-length hippie skirt. Long ago...all the way back in high school, ha...I had this great chocolate brown embroidered hippie was full and heavy and swirled around my ankles most delightfully. And for some reason, a little while ago, I became obsessed with finding something similar. That one was a husband remembered a local hippie clothing shop a few suburbs over and we headed out on a mission! This time, I went with deep blue instead of chocolate brown, but otherwise, the skirts are almost the same. It's too cold out to wear my skirt much yet, but I've worn it around the house and felt like a goddess as it swirled and clung. Love it.

My current obsession is finding the perfect cape. It has to be long enough, but not TOO long (I don't want a cloak!) It has to be warm wool with a lining so I can wear it into the coldest days of fall and even into early winter with layers underneath. It has to button up the front all...or at least most...of the way up--no single clasps or two-button closures! It has to have arm holes...I want a cape, not a poncho! And preferably, it should be a funky-yet-classic plaid, or, barring that, a nice bright red or blue or other jewel tone. Vintage is preferable, but new will do as long as it's quality!

I'm not too picky, am I?!? ;-)

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