Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So, what do you DO?

Over at the Mocking Bird blog today, there's a bit of discussion about how, when one is asked "What do you do?" it's not really sufficient to just tell them how you make money. In a lot of cases, that really doesn't necessarily say anything much at all about who you really are as a person. I'm lucky enough to have a job doing something I love...I've always been a bibliophile, and now, as a librarian, I'm PAID to be a bibliophile! But not everyone is so lucky. And even though telling people I'm a librarian really does tell them something about my soul and my self, it's not everything I am. It's not my be-all and end-all. There are other parts. So, Amanda at Mocking Bird tells us who she is...what she does. And here's who I am, and what I do:

I am
  • a photographer;
  • a writer;
  • a wife;
  • his Queen;
  • a baker of cookies;
  • a cat-belly-scratcher;
  • a Polaroid-shooter;
  • a drinker of coffee;
  • a wearer of boots;
  • an embroiderer;
  • a miso soup eater;
  • a lover of the ocean and the beach;
  • a collector;
  • a Rat Pack music listener;
  • a cartoon watcher;
  • a sometimes couch potato;
  • a paleontology geek;
  • a feeder of squirrels;
  • a hater of spiders but lover of cicadas;
and so many more wonderful and weird things.

And what do YOU do?

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