Saturday, February 18, 2012

At the Koffee Kup

I spent most of my youth moving around...I hardly ever spent more than 2 years in one place. My father's job necessitated it--every time he got promoted, he got transferred to another of the company's many locations. Having grown up as the perpetual "new kid in town," it's still always weird and wonderful for me to be known, to be recognized, to be a regular somewhere. There's a small, family-owned restaurant in the town my husband and I live in now--the Koffee Kup. We go there just about every weekend for breakfast. The waitress knows us, knows our orders, asks, "Your usual today?" The busboy brings us our coffee and our water without asking first because he knows we want it. We see the same other customers every week. It's...nice. It's not quite Cheers--they don't yell our names when we walk in--but it's nice to be known. So of course, when I was testing my new Canon A-1 camera, I had to take a series at the Koffee Kup.

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