Friday, March 20, 2009

Every spring is the only spring, a perpetual astonishment. --Ellis Peters

Ah, what a lovely day off!

Out to breakfast with the husband bright and early...pancakes ftw!

Then I went straight out to run some errands. I needed a dress for a family wedding at the end of April and I was totally in the mood to shop shop shop! I actually ended up buying the very first dress I tried on in Anthropologie. I liked the others I tried on, too! It was an embarrassment of riches, really. But this one just had that little extra something special, ha.

And since then, I've been doing laundry and cleaning...which isn't really all that fun, really, except that I feel very accomplished, having gotten a lot done! And there's something to be said for that, too.

Now, I just need to figure out what shoes to wear with my new dress....ha!

I've got two options in mind. First, these lovely bright green heels currently on sale at Anthropologie...the green would pop against the bright pink florals, and be insanely spring-y and delightful. Green is my favorite color and I've had my eye on these shoes for a while now! They'd also be a great pop of color against my mostly monochromatic work wardrobe. Hmm...

My other option is to go with something a little bit simpler and more neutral in color, and perhaps a bit more versatile. Whereas the green shoes would only be part of the fancier side of my wardrobe, these great silver snakeskin gladiators by Enzo Angiolini would be easier to integrate into the casual side, too, and would play into the current gladiator trend in a fairly understated and comfortable-looking (low heel! no thong between the toes! no lacing up to the knee!) way.

Well, what do you all think? Green heels? Or silver gladiators? I just can't decide!!

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