Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things -- Coffee!!

Often, I find myself going through Etsy listings and favoriting ("hearting," in Etsy terms) a whole bunch of somewhat similar items, made by different sellers. Spats, owls, octopi, cute skirts, canvas market totes, etc, etc, etc. Etsy really does have something for every taste, I think! Since there are so many wonderful things out there, I thought it might be nice to highlight some of my favorites, arranged by theme, of course, 'cause all those pictures look so nice together.

One of my favorite favorite things, whether we're talking on Etsy or just in life, is coffee! I love tea, too, of course, but there's just something about the rich, dark smokiness rising from a well-brewed cup of coffee. My husband laughs at me sometimes, because whenever we're out to breakfast together, I end up taking pictures of my coffee cup, and his coffee cup, and his hands on his coffee cup, and the coffee cup and the creamer jug together, and...and...and...well, you get the picture! Apparently I'm so obsessed that when he saw me looking at a picture of a mug on someone else's Flickr one day, he just assumed it had to be a picture I'd taken!

Ah, but not so! A quick perusal of the wonderful photography listings on Etsy proves that I'm not the only one with a fixation for the bean!

I love the unusual composition of this shot by craftyfolk, and the pitted scarred wood of the table:

The warm, dreamy tones of this shot by provincijalka are the perfect evocation of that early-morning coffee lust, ha!

Orange! Teal! Polka dots! Need I really say more about this wonderful shot by weberphoto? I think not!

The grainy, black-and-white, film-like look of this diner shot by barbaragordon is perfect for the content of the shot, I think! And this is just the sort of photo I myself would take...a coffee cup in its natural habitat, so to speak!

Who doesn't love that special sparkle of light bokeh? And who doesn't love a simple white flower? Or a graceful turquoise mug? Kristybee sure loves them, and I sure love this shot!

I'm always a sucker for a great TTV (through the viewfinder) shot, and this one by Valcox certainly is great! (Hmm, another teal/turquoise mug...I'm seeing a pattern to my picks, here, ha!)

Well, that's got me even more in the mood for a cup of steaming hot coffee than usual! It's off to brew myself some and actually get some work done now, I think!

Hope you enjoyed my favorite things as much as I did...but as my favorite kid's show host, LeVar Burton, used to don't have to take MY word for it!


  1. I love the second from the last one. It has to be one of my fav coffee pics

  2. I'd be pretty lost without my morning roast! Being in Vancouver, we have a serious "coffee culture" going on here. I can't bear crap coffee anymore! And why should we?