Saturday, April 4, 2009

Etsy Seller Saturday: Words

Well, having talked the other day about my love of words and text and fonts, I thought it might be nice to feature some word-related items by fellow Etsy sellers! I had an embarrassment of riches from which to choose, so narrowing it down to just these nine was tough! But I love all these picks, and hopefully you will as well.

1. Librarian Necklace by brookadelphia
2. Alphabet Series - Letter E by DripStick
3. laugh dream love WHITE print by orangebeautiful
4. Yummy Tea Towel - mustard by MrPS
5. Love Hands by MoonlightAura
6. this too shall pass by tinwings
7. Amor Vincit Omnia tiny text bowl by Paloma's Nest
8. Life is a Bitch mixed metal bracelet by Juanis
9. READ recycled wooden sign by William Dohman

Of course, as a librarian myself, brookadelphia's "Librarian" necklace definitely makes me happy! I also love the unique idea of using small sculptures of hands to spell out words in sign language, as in MoonlightAura's "Love Hands." Definitely a new take on what I like to think of as "noun art."

Does anyone else have a favorite word-related item? Or does anyone reading this blog create word-related items themselves? If so, I'd love to see! Please post a link to your favs!


  1. I love your picks here! These are all awesome. I actually found and posted a video on my blog last week that you might like. It's an animated short made with books!

  2. Etsy is totally!

  3. love #5 very cute and sweet.

    my grandparents were deaf and I have a photograph of my mother, one of her sisters and 2 of their friends spelling L O V E. It was taken for the local newpaper when they were young. It is my favorite word item.

  4. I really like the read wooden sign, perfect next to the bookshelves!

  5. Great picks! I am a big fan of typography!