Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

My birthday is in May, and I've already received three lovely gifts. The first was that wonderful yellow purse my husband bought for me and which I've probably bored everyone to tears talking about already, ha!

But the second and third were from two of my favorite places: The Limited, and Anthropologie! That's right, I got gift cards from them, both of which are good for 15% off any one purchase made in the month of May.

The Limited is wonderful for work basics. I love their pants, but was always reluctant to buy there since I'm short and most of the pants...well, aren't! But a savvy salesgal completely sold me on getting the Limited credit card a few months back, for one very compelling reason: if you make a purchase with the Limited card, you get FREE hem service. That's right. You can buy a pair of pants that's inches and inches too long, tell them how long you want them to be, and they customize 'em for free. That's pretty much the only thing that could ever induce me to get a store credit card, actually. Savvy, savvy salesgal. I'm telling ya.

So basically, I'm pretty sure I'll use the Limited 15% off card on a pair or two of new pants. Maybe even some denim.

But Anthropologie is great for work AND fun clothes, and that makes my task harder...I have so much to choose from! And 15% off is great, but when the clothes are as $$ as they are at Anthro to begin with, the price after the 15% off is still a lot! Hhmm...decisions, decisions!!

But what really impressed me was the lovely packaging for the Anthro gift card...a little fabric bag in an undyed-natural color, decorated with a row of fun, mismatched buttons. It's cute and would actually be useful, too. I could keep business cards in there, as my husband helpfully pointed out.

See how cute?

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  1. that is REALLY cute! Anthropologie knows EXACTLY what they're doing!