Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Etsy Shop Items!

Oh, spring has sprung at last, and I'm going just as snap-happy as I knew I would! I've been filling up my memory cards with flowers and blue sky and green buds and even a few birds, and I've decided it's time to rejuvenate my Etsy shop, too! I haven't added too many items there lately because I hadn't been shooting much, but with the world coming back to life, I should have plenty of new material to work with.

I added five, count them FIVE, new prints to my shop yesterday. They are all flowers, and they are all vibrant and rich and sun-drenched and would look wonderful in a white mat and hung on a wall (hint hint!). I posted a few of the images in my blog a couple of posts back, so I won't repost those pictures here, but they are Saffron, Mum's the Word, and Primary for those who are interested!

In addition, here are the other two prints, previously unposted here!

They're all listed as 8x10 prints, but, as always, if anyone wants a different size, I can accommodate requests, as well! You have but to ask.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous. Love the colors!

    I also had a question about the boots you mentioned. I really like the yellow, too, but the color looks almost neon online. Is that the case in real life?

  2. These photographs are perfection -- all of your images have such amazing, rich color!