Monday, April 20, 2009

Who knew yellow was so versatile?

So, you remember that wonderful yellow purse from Anthropologie that I posted about a little while back?

Well, my wonderful husband went out and bought it for me!! He gave it to me yesterday. (Don't I just have the best husband, gals?!)

And so far this morning, I've been going crazy on Polyvore, putting together various looks with which the purse will be amazing. And a variety it is, indeed!

My favorites:

Simple, glamorous elegance!


Grey is my current favorite neutral!

Bright and Grey

With the jacket, work ready. Without, dinner date!

From Work to Dinner 1

Perfect for running around town doing errands.

Casual 2


  1. Love all the outfits. And now I really, really want that bag!

  2. How sweet!! It is a beautiful bag!