Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Signature Style

Okay, when it comes to fashion and style, I really only have one hard-and-fast rule: If I don't feel confident and sexy when I'm wearing it, I shouldn't be wearing it. (Well, I also have rules about never wearing acid-washed jeans or turtlenecks, but that's a whole different story!) Otherwise, my actual style has been somewhat in a state of flux over the last few years.

Working in a library as I am now, I'm striving to balance the fact that I tend to lean towards punk-rock, tough-girl looks with the necessity of being at least somewhat more professional at work, while at the same time finding a new way to be myself while dressed casually, too. (No more jeans and snarky cartoon-character teeshirts for me!) And, of course, despite a certain fondness for studded bracelets, leather jackets, and motorcycle boots, there is the fact that I also adore both old-fashioned elegance (Victorian lace! Velvet!) and softer, girlier looks with lots of bright colors and flowers.

How does one balance all of those looks at once? Well, of course, the answer to that is that sometimes, one doesn' least not all in one outfit! But all in one closet is certainly possible. Victorian lace looks wonderful under black leather, and there's nothing wrong with pairing studs with flowers, in my ever-humble opinion! But I've been trying to fill my wardrobe with pieces that do double or triple duty...shirts that can go to work under a blazer, out to run errands under a casual jacket, or out to a nice dinner when paired with fancy jewelry. That kind of thing.

Recently, I've fallen completely in love with the Glittering Depths blouse from Anthropologie. It's a wee bit on the expensive side, but it's perfect for my dream wardrobe in so many ways! I even dreamed about wearing it last night...I'm that obsessed! I love that it is soft charcoal grey, rather than a harsher black, that the sequins can read as either romantic or totally rock-n-roll, and that the soft silk can be dressed up or down just as easily.

Trying to get it out of my system...or at least to figure out if the blouse would actually work for me, anyway...I decided to play around in Polyvore and put together an outfit around the blouse that would fit in with my sense of style. I paired it with dark-wash straight-legged jeans, a bright-colored slouchy hobo, a pair of aviators (these I already own), some nice simple silver gladiators (again, already part of my wardrobe), and bright-colored, girly accessories. And damn, if it doesn't work. I can totally see myself running around town in this outfit. *SIGH*

Glittering Depths

If I hadn't already spent so much money this month, buying this shirt would be a no-brainer! As it, if you're reading this, I have a birthday coming up and I wear a medium! HA!


  1. grrreat outfit. fabulous.

    i'm glad to see that your share my weakness for aviators. since i stopped being able to wear contacts, i've been missing them so incredibly much because for a time, they weren't able to make prescription sunglasses in aviator style (something to do with the curve of the lens.. or something?)

    either way, joyous day - i recently found out that technology had advanced enough (woohoo!) that i can now get me a set of prescription aviators. sweeeet.

    for the record - i have the same dilemma with all of the various looks that i'm into. big on the punk look - it took me a while to figure out just how to integrate it into officewear without looking too nuts or unprofessional (especially my labret piercing!) but i like to think that i've struck a balance by wearing a lot of (sometimes) unexpected combinations.

    dont you just LOVE polyvore?

  2. Okay, I've just spent 20 minutes browsing the Anthropologie site. These clothes are fabulous! I love the top on page 43 of the catalog, among others....
    I love the outfit you put together, I would totally wear that too.
    Great, blog I'll be back for sure.

  3. love that outfit... especially the silver sandals! Oh... now i really want to go shopping!