Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Anthropologie 2009 Swimsuits

I shudder just as much as the next girl when the dreaded words "bathing suit" or, god forbid, "bikini" are mentioned, despite my general love of summer, swimming pools, and the beach. There's just something so scary about the idea of baring so much winter-pale and winter-chubby body to the world! But then, it does seem that bathing suits have gotten itsy-bitsier and barely-there-er over the years. Those 1950s pinups and bathing beauties didn't have to worry quite as much about it, because their suits were cut to actually flatter and provide a bit more coverage...not like those of today, many of which require a Brazilian wax just to let you feel comfortable dropping the sarong.

So, all that said, I'm awfully excited about Anthropologie's swimsuit line this year! Most of the suits are vintage-inspired and absolutely sizzle with pinup-girl sex appeal. If I hadn't just bought a new suit last fall for our honeymoon trip to Hawaii, I'd be snagging one of these, for sure! Hmm..but then, that was a one-piece. I don't have a nice bikini.... ;-)

Some of my favorites from the collection:

The Majesty Palm Maillot--I'm a sucker for graphic black and white, I love the green belting, and the deep neckline would show off my best assets, ha!

The Taffy Stripe Maillot--Oh, those candy colors and those ruffles!!

The To-The-Beat two-piece, with the Skirtlet bottom -- Cute ruffled skirt! Bright color! Yum!

And finally, the Vargas two-piece-- I love that it's named for a classic pin-up artist, and it is sooo pin-up and perfect! The stripes! The shape! Throw on a pair of high heels and pose for the camera, gals!


  1. I love those bathing suits too! We don't have Anthropologie in Canada, yet I seem to have done an awful lot of shopping there! Ha!
    I already bought my suit this year... my first true bikini in 15 years!