Thursday, May 7, 2009

Polaroid Week, Day Three

I'm uploading this a day late because I just didn't have it in me to post yesterday afternoon, ha! But this is yesterday's shot for 'Roid Week!

Also, my wonderful husband bought me a gift yesterday! I was talking about how Polaroid film is so expensive that it's kind of not worth buying more film after my last pack is done and how some of my contacts on Flickr use the FujiFilm Instax camera instead of Polaroids. I was thinking of getting one of those, just for the fun of instant film without quite so much expense.

Well, the wonderful man went straight to his office after we had this conversation, researched the Instax, and bought me one with overnight shipping! So now I have a fun new toy! And, uh, wow...the camera looks all small and cute in the pictures, but's the size of my head! :-O

My first shot with the Instax had to be a portrait of my honey, of course!

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