Monday, May 4, 2009

Fat-Bottomed Girls, You Make the Rockin' World Go 'Round!

This morning I pulled on my simple black sheath dress and topped it with a cropped cardigan instead of my usual longer cardi-and-skinny-belt combo. As I turned sideways in the mirror, back and forth, trying to decide if the extra, um, uncovering, of my mid-section allowed by the shorter length of the cardigan made me look a bit TOO curvy, if you know what I mean, the song "Fat Bottomed Girls" came on the radio. I kid you not. It was almost spooky timing! So I took inspiration from the song and decided to wear the dress with the shorter cardigan since, of course, my curvy behind makes the world go 'round.

I sometimes think I was born in the wrong era, anyway, at least body-type and fashion-wise. In the 50s, my curves would have made me a real sexpot, instead of what they make me now...neurotic! Ha! But since I can't actually time travel--and wouldn't want to, anyway, 'cause of all the female oppression and suchlike--I can certainly take some style inspiration from the past and learn to dress my curves for optimum danger value, ha! I'm thinking I need to add pencil skirts, halter-top party dresses with full skirts, tops with a bit of structure to the bodice, maybe some more sheath dresses or even wiggle dresses to my wardrobe! Oh, and sexy pumps and D'Orsay heels to top it all off!

Embrace the curves!

She's Got Curves

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  1. Hear hear! I like to think women like Nigella Lawson and Christina Hendricks are the best looking anyway,