Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Resolutions

Oh, I just had the most wonderful idea, ha! Most people make grand, sweeping resolutions each year on New Year's. I've never bothered with that, mostly because I tend to believe more in living for the moment and going with what feels right, rather than setting myself year-long strictures; but also because I know myself and I know that I WILL break a huge, weighty, life-altering resolution by the end of a year, so why bother making it in the first place? ;-)

So instead, at the beginning of each week I shall set myself three small resolutions for the week, the idea here being that all big changes are made up of small changes. If I can achieve my small goals a bit at a time, the larger goal of a better way of live can be reached as well!

So here we go! Wish me luck!

  1. I shall only drink Coke when I am staving off a headache or eating BBQ potato chips (which I hardly ever do.) I shall not drink it on a whim or because grabbing a bottle from the fridge seems easier than pouring milk or juice into a glass.
  2. I shall endeavor to make at least one fruit or vegetable part of at least two meals a day. (Remember, starting small, right?! I'll work up to every meal!)
  3. I shall not complain about trivial things like bad drivers, because really, my life is pretty wonderful and few things in it are ever worth wasting so much negative energy upon.


  1. Um, I think you should add the ol' exercise bike in there somewhere. :runs and hides:

  2. lol! Love the first one..unless you are eating BBQ potato

  3. Such a great idea - why not make every week a time to make positive improvements?

    And as for the coke - why not try diet coke? I swear, it's delicious :)