Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Studded Ballet Slippers

Okay, I saw these amazing studded ballet slippers in another blog the other day, and I totally fell in love. They're a little bit tough and a little bit sweet and they'd probably be quite soft and comfortable to slip on and dance through your day.

They're real ballet slippers, though, with the soft leather sole, which might make them rather impractical for actually walking around in outside of one's house.

And the more I looked at them, the more I got to thinking, "I bet I could do that!" It seems it would be very easy to go buy a cheap, comfortable pair of soft leather ballet flats (preferably with street-use soles, not dance-use!) and a handful of metal studs and make your own pair of these, probably for much less than $50 + shipping.

Of course, I'm also lazy, so I might end up just ordering these! I wonder...can ballet slippers be re-soled by a cobbler for street use? Anyone know?

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