Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Etsy Seller-- Sweet Anthem

What a terrific, wonderful, perfect idea...custom perfumes! Okay, I know it's not exactly a NEW idea...women have been having perfumes made for them for eons, I'm sure. But really, in this day and age, how often do you think to yourself, "Oh, gee, I really don't like any of the nasty scents in this store; maybe I'll just pop into the custom perfumier and have my own made!" Not often, that's how. We're so accustomed to everything coming pre-assembled that the real craftsmanship behind things is in danger of being lost.

But never fear! That's where Etsy comes in. I sometimes feel that if I can dream it, an Etsy seller exists to create it. I saw Sweet Anthem's shop posted in another blog recently (so sorry; I've forgotten where!) and was instantly entranced with the idea of making my own scent. You pick the top note, the heart note, and the base note, and they mix the oils for you. Presto! Your very own perfume, made to your very own specifications!

Seeing as how I have a husband with an extremely picky sense of smell...a husband who does not, sadly, share my fondness for spicy, incense-y scents ("Smells like a head shop," he'll declare of my latest spicy scent discovery)...this could be the perfect way to compromise and find a perfume we can both enjoy.

Now, the only problem is...what notes to pick!!

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