Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Most Perfect Dress Ever

Just a quick note to say that this new dress from Anthropologie may just be the most perfect dress (for me) ever.

Let's review, shall we?
  1. Bright, rich, jewel-tone color? Check!
  2. Flattering wrap-style bodice and ruffled peplum? Check!
  3. Easy-breezy jersey fabric? Check!
  4. Curve-enhancing straight/pencil skirt? Check!

Oh, Anthropologie, how you tempt and torment me...!! And see, they KNOW it's the perfect dress. They even named it the Plum Perfect dress. *siiiigh*


  1. cute dress... you bought it yet? :P


  2. It's stunning dress!! Thanks for the detail of this dress!! I appreciate your choice!!