Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Impossible Project

We've all heard of The Impossible Project, mais non? A group of Polaroid enthusiasts dedicated to bringing back instant film compatible with Polaroid brand cameras? They've acquired Polaroid film factory equipment, signed a lease on a factory, and are working on ironing out all the issues related to creating, not only instant film, but affordable and easy-to-produce instant film. They aim to have it done sometime in 2010.

If they succeed, it's wonderful, wonderful news for all those Pola enthusiasts out know who you are! Ended will be the eternal quest for one more pack of film, ended will be the need to only take that one perfect shot, because you can't waste your exposures on casual snapshots.

I headed over to their website this morning to see what was goin' on...and I see that they've actually created tee-shirts for the faithful...I mean, uh, the wear. Seems like a good cause to me; proceeds go to help keep the factory up and running. And besides which, the shirts are just adorable, too! The women's shirt comes in red or black, and has an image of a heart made of Polaroid pictures on the front. How cute is that??

It's the perfect way for a Polaroid fan to not only wear their obsession on their chest, but to aid in the continuation of that obsession. And it's adorable, to boot.


  1. I see we have a bird in common :)

    Your site is inspiring, I love the post you made about the perfume, I can't wait to get my hands on some.

    Louise x

  2. Haha very cute.

    Though I'd rather just buy some film :)

  3. Cute! I just bought a ton of film off of Ebay....and I spent way too UGH!!