Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Uniform Project

Have you heard about The Uniform Project? It's fascinating!

A young woman, Sheena Matheiken, has committed to wearing the same dress for a year, only changing up her accessories to make different outfits. She has seven identical dresses specifically designed for the project...the dress can be worn backwards or forwards or open as a tunic and is made of a durable cotton that will be light enough for summer wear but able to be layered in the colder months. Many or all of the accessories she'll be using to jazz up her uniform dress are vintage and thrifted, or gifts...making this year-long clothing experiment both affordable AND sustainable/green.

Some of her outfits are amazing! Despite the fact that she's wearing a black dress in all of them, this girl has definitely got style. It's so, so nice to see someone who puts such creativity into her clothing without having to resort to the latest-greatest (and therefore most expensive!) trends and designers. Inspiring!!

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  1. Wow..that is really amazing! I'm always amazed by people :) Can't say I could do