Friday, August 21, 2009

As We See It

Somehow, I completely forgot to mention this! My friend Kristy--a fellow photographer--and I have embarked upon a very fun little collaborative photo project! We each picked 10 words to start with, and each week one of us will choose a word at random from the 20. Then we each have a week to shoot something inspired by that word, and our results will be posted together as a diptych. We set up a blog for this, what we're calling the As We See It Project.

So far, we're two weeks in and having a lot of fun already! Please, go check it out! We think the results of combining our quite different visions of the world are pretty way cool. :-D

Btw...that's the diptych for week 2 posted above. The word was "hot." Kristy's on the left; I'm on the right.

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