Friday, August 28, 2009

Butterfly in the sky, I can fly twice as high!

I just found out that the classic children's television show "Reading Rainbow" is being taken off the air after, wait for it, TWENTY SIX YEARS of broadcast. I grew up on that show. I can still hear the theme song in my mind, and it still makes me smile every time. I have such a huge warm place in my heart for the host, LeVar Burton, and can remember all of my favorite episodes.

And you know what the really awful part is? The reason they're taking it off the air is that they think that only shows that teach the mechanics of HOW to read are worthwhile, not amazing shows like "Reading Rainbow" that teach children WHY to read...shows that teach a deep and abiding love for reading. Reading should be a joy and an adventure, NOT a list of letters and sounds to learn by rote. No one falls in love with phonics; they fall in love with books themselves!

Personally, I'm hoping that they decide to release collections of the episodes on DVD, because you better believe I'd be lining up to buy 'em. I don't have children, but if I ever do, I want them to be able to love Reading Rainbow like I did!

I thought it might be nice to pay a bit of tribute to the show with some Etsy items that are all about a lifelong love of books and reading. I think I found some nice things....but you don't have to take MY word for it!

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