Thursday, October 28, 2010

Comfort AND Style

Okay, so one more post. I was browsing my blogroll just a bit ago and ran across the most recent post by The Sartorialist. I enjoy his blog, even when I don't particularly like the style of the folks he features...which is frequently, to be honest. But it's because of the wide variety of style he features that I keep coming back. There's often some little element of an outfit that I find I can apply to my own closet contents. However, I find it ironic, given the preponderance of "haute couture" and highly polished, sleek looks to be found in most fashion blogs, The Sartorialist included, that the outfit I find myself drawn to is this simple, so comfortable, so much the opposite of "haute couture," and yet so, so stylish as well.

Personally, I would apply this look in tones of navy, rather than brown. A long, soft navy dress or skirt, possibly in jersey, topped with a similarly-toned navy corduroy blazer with grey elbow patches. And since it's a fall look, I'd switch out the sandals for grey suede boots. Perfection. Comfort AND style, all in one simple outfit. Elements both of bohemian ease and scholarly disregard. Love it.

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