Saturday, February 5, 2011

Save Libraries!

I probably don't talk about it too terribly much around these parts, but I am a librarian. I'm a librarian in a time when a lot of people are making noises about libraries no longer being relevant, or being replaced by Google and its ilk. Now, I don't happen to believe any of that is really true; at least in the community in which I work, the library is still a vibrant, thriving part of the community. But we, too, are facing budget cut-backs, as are all our sibling libraries across the state and the country. And isn't that a foolish thing? In these awful economic times, what is more important than a place open to all, where the unemployed and underprivileged can come and read for free, use the internet to search for a job, or just get in out of the cold for a while?

And a lot of people agree with me. Flickr user and librarian Phil Bradley has reached into the annals of propaganda history and repurposed some kitschy old war-time posters to support the #SaveLibraries Twitter campaign. He has a whole set of them in his 'stream, but I thought I'd post some of the gems here. Please, spread this around if you care about libraries! (And if you don't care about libraries, spread this around anyway!)

Forget the cooking!

Don't turn the light out!

This time we are all in the front line

Even Father Christmas!

I'm proud!

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  1. What should I say... in Italy we're having the same problem... people perfer the television today, but I still use to go to bed at around 10.00pm to be able to reserve an hour or so to my books. and TV is also becoming the new age of the babysitters and this is sad too.
    I'm on your side! :)