Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yellow Rubber Rainboots

I've been absolutely lusting for a pair of really cute rubber rainboots for while a while, now, but I've never found a pair that seemed to completely fit what I was looking for. I wanted something really bright-colored and eye-catching, tall enough to actually protect my legs from mud and puddles, and well-made enough that they wouldn't fall apart at the first sign of bad weather, ha.

After much searching, I decided a pair of Hunter Originals would probably be my best bet. Now, they don't come in polkadots or plaids or ladybug prints like a lot of other funky rainboots out there, but they DO come in a brilliant array of solids...including lime green, silver, red, orange, and, my personal favorite, bright yellow!! They're a bit more expensive than the average rainboot, but they're a classic and they should be worth it. So I ordered my bright yellow Hunter Originals from Zappos Sunday night, and they already shipped out Monday morning! I love Zappos!

And I can't wait to get my bright yellow wellies. (Really, when it comes to raingear, is there any other color than bright bright yellow?) I can't wait to throw them on with a cute denim skirt and go splashing fearlessly through the wet world of early spring!