Sunday, March 15, 2009

The new addition to my family!

I'd like you all to meet the newest member of my photographic family...a wonderful old Polaroid sx-70. I think I shall call her Suzie. Suzie Seventy? Perfect! Ha! I found her at an antique mall this weekend, for all of ten dollars! Amazing price! She'll need a bit of TLC before I can try her out, of course.

But now I have a dilemma. I have two options for shooting with an sx-70...I can either shell out for the pretty pricey SX-70 TZ Artistic film from Polapremium, or I can modify the camera to accept 600 film...still expensive these days, of course, but not quite as expensive as the sx-70 specific film. It's a little bit more work, since the camera itself would have to be modified, and, even with the changes, the 600 film wouldn't have quite the same properties as sx-70 film, so the photos themselves would look a bit different. But it's less expensive. Hhhmmm....

Do any of you sx-70 pros have any feedback on this issue? Help a pola newbie out! :-D

1 comment:

  1. Fun fun! I am no where near being a pro but I would suggest testing it out with the sx-70 for a bit before modifying the camera. Either way I'm sure the results will be amazing!