Sunday, March 15, 2009

New print sets in my shop!

I was going through some older shots recently and discovered several that I thought would work well as sets, either matted and framed together, or hung separately in a group. So, I decided that they should be posted to my Etsy shop! Right now I only have two print sets posted, both as sets of two 4x6 shots. My Tropical Desire set, seen above, dates back to my husband and my honeymoon to Hawaii. Vibrant and lush!

Meanwhile, the Dusk Among the Grasses set (below) is pretty much the exact opposite, ha. Rather than lush petals and bright sunlight, we have the softer, dusty blues and purples of twilight drenching nodding seed heads. Lovely!

I'm sure I'll add more sets to the shop as I discover them hiding among my photos, ha. Keep checking back for more!!


  1. How beautiful. The second photograph is full of the sort of cool blue-purple tones that I love...

  2. love your etsy shop! totally gorgeous pics.