Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is Springing!

Ah, what a wonderful weekend I just had! After working for seven days in a row, I finally had two days off together, and what lovely days they were! It was warm and sunny all weekend, and what a treat it was to feel hot sunlight on my skin after months of chilling cold!

My husband and I definitely took advantage. We wandered here and there, all over the place. Out to breakfast both days, yum, and to antique malls and outdoor malls (because we love to shop, ha!) and our favorite Japanese marketplace. We ate sushi and miso soup and took lots and lots of photos...especially at the antique mall, ha. I just love the wonderful textures and colors of antiques. I also made a great find, mentioned a couple of posts ago...a Polaroid sx-70 camera for only $10! Wow!

Some of my favorite shots from my wonderful weekend follow...

Building Blocks:



And now it's back to work, of course, but the weather is still wonderful and so is my mood! Happy Spring, everyone!!

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